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Zhejiang TELLABLE Composite Materials Co., Ltd.
TEL: 086-0579-87617218 
FAX: 086-0579-87617217
MOB: 13905890553
E-mail: zj@deliaibo.com
ADD: Wuyi in Zhejiang orchids Baihua Mountain Industrial Park Road on the 10th
ZHE JIANG TELL COMPOSITE CO.,TD.is located in Wuyi city, Zhejiang province, a famous hot springs city with beautiful landscape and historical heroes, near the Wuyi exit of Jin-Li-Wen highway. Our company is a professional dedicated to all types of metal composites research and development, production, sales and service of integrated enterprise.

Our company has a moderm production plant and office facilities with the most advanced production and testing equipment and a skilled, high-quality professional team, can meet the customers¡¯demand on kinds of metal composites. We will become your trusted strategic partner with the most professional technology ,the highest quality products and the best services.

Our company¡¯s management objective is ¡°the good faith for this ,the reciprocal benefit is win-win¡±. We will try to be a first-class business and hope to achieve brilliant future with you.
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