Posted on 02 November 2015



This time around there will be DAILY prizes!


We encourage you to participate every day but you can also only post on days you'd like to win the daily prize package!


How to participate: 

1) Post a picture of you in the pose of the day presented to you by our hosts.
2) Use the #22adaychallenge hashtag in your post.
3) Tag { and follow } ALL hosts and sponsors in your post.
4) For an extra daily entry please consider donating to @mindfulyogatherapy or@saveawarrior (include your Instagram name in your donation notes)! *Your profile will need to be public for us to see your entries!

The daily winner will be posted early the next day so keep an eye out for each announcement!



⭐️ After 22 days, there will also be a Warrior Package (full of prizes from our sponsors) gifted to one female and one male veteran participant.


⭐️ Starting on Veterans Day we will launch the #Nominateavet portion of the challenge where you can nominate a vet close to you to win more prizes from our sponsors. Details on these to come!
You can also visit the #22adaychallengelink on my website homepage or go directly to @malaforvets website to see ANYTHING & EVERYTHING about this challenge!


f you have ANY questions, please feel free to reach out to our hosts & we will do our best to help! 


Hosts: @yoga_w_ali @afnbroadcaster@joyfulemily @lizcorwin @polockblaze@ki.mi.p @squealingdog @af_yogi@mad.pupil @the_rionmac

Sponsors: @fractal.9 @knot_geek@ninelineapparel @combatflipflops@yogaformen @malaforvets@jackieriveradesigns @brogamats@kiragraceyoga @yogatraveltree @22vets@buddhistbootcamp @bhujang@heathershealingtreasures@yogawarriorrenew @thesoxbox@flexiblewarrior @perfectchaturangalady

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